In 2006, DSV (very large international logistics company) bought over UTI Couriers as their entry into the Southern Africa market. Pical was contracted to carry out the fleet rebrand. In a space of 2 months, 922 vehicles were
de-rebranded UTI and re-branded DSV across 45 locations and cities in South Africa.

high volume

  • 992 Vehicles in 2 months
  • Varied in spec & size
  • 5 different Corporate Identities
  • Existing branding very old and problematic


  • Artwork Nature: required specific measurements of every single vehicle
  • Old branding was removed, vehicle polished clean
  • In conjunction, measurements sent to HQ for design & manufacture
  • Express courier to installation team
  • Install & report
  • Working hours: Only nightshifts & weekends to not disrupt courier operations
  • Multiple branch managers and complex project requirements
  • Intense project co-ordination with fine attention to detail

country wide

  • 45 different branches
  • From metropolitans to isolated/rural regions
  • Simultaneous operations: teams in 6-8 different branches at any given time

reporting & budget management

  • Daily reporting of progress to all stakeholders
  • Spreadsheets, photos per region & vehicle registration
  • Fleet numbers allocated